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Quotation of the Day…
… is from page xxvii of Michael Huemer’s 2013 book, The Problem of Political Authority: This book addresses the foundational problem of political philosophy: the problem of accounting for the authority of government.  This authority has X

The Myth Of "Roid Rage"?
Are men who inject testosterone and other anabolic steroids at risk of entering a violent "roid rage"? Many people think so. Whenever a professional athlete commits a violent crime, it's not long before someone suggests that steroids may have been in X

Personal Bleg
Cafe Patrons: Again this year I seek your kind assistance. I’m entering the 2014 Coolidge Prize for Journalism competition.  I ask you again, as I did last year, to suggest to me your favorite blog posts or newspaper essays (or both) of mine th X

How to Stop Your Mind Wandering
How to Stop Your Mind Wandering X

Getting Droned On Greenland's Ice Sheet If you're as fascinated by the science of our planet as I am, you've probably seen all sorts of imagery of the world's frozen places, including dramatic photos of summer meltwater coursing across the surfac X

Palaeontologist versus Paleontologist
Palaeontologist v Paleontologist – What’s the Difference? During our school visits to carry out dinosaur and fossil themed workshops we often get asked to help with various aspects of the teaching scheme of work.  Everything DinosaurR X

Citizen Scientists On A Mission To Find Frogs
Summer is high season for "frogging." The North American Amphibian Monitoring Project has hundreds of volunteers criss-crossing the country to get a better handle on the fate of the nation's frogs. X

The Surprising New Trend of Active, Nomadic Retirement
The nomadic way of life is not just for the young. Or to be precise, it’s for the young of all ages. For years I’ve been meeting retired folks who are embracing a more active lifestyle than their parents’ generation may have done. I X

Heroin’s Anthrax Problem
This may come as a total shock, but pure forms of illicit drugs can be hard to come by. Certain controlled substances are frequently adulterated, if not outright contaminated, by products that range from the household to the industrial to the pharma X

Moral hazard: If you are not taking socially excessive risks, you aren’t doing your job
Tyler Cowen recently quoted from a paper by Cheng, Raina and Xiong (in the AER) on the banking crisis: We analyze whether mid-level managers in securitized finance were aware of a large-scale housing bubble and a looming crisis in 2004-2006 using the X

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