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The Pretense of Knowledge and Affection
An excellent test of whether or not someone does or does not grasp the core Hayekian wisdom is supplied by his or her response to this passage found in yesterday’s New York Times: “We understand that we doctors should be and are stewards of t X

Quotation of the Day…
… is from page 168 of 2006 Nobel laureate Edmund Phelps’s 2013 book, Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change; in this passage Phelps discusses “corporatist” economic and political notions that X

The Dangerous Lite Side of Mindfulness and Lean
By Kevin Meyer I’ll preface this post by saying that yes, I’m from crazy California, I eat granola with fruits and nuts in the morning, am vegetarian (well, pescatarian), dislike wearing shoes, and practice yoga. At least I don’t have dreadl X

A Review of the Xenoceratops Dinosaur Model from Collecta
Everything Dinosaur Reviews the Collecta Xenoceratops The prehistoric animal model manufacturer called Collecta have produced a number of horned dinosaur models over recent years and in 2014 they have introduced a replica of the bizarre Xenoceratops, X

Mental And Physical Toll Of Bullying Persists For Decades
From increased depression and suicidal thoughts to social isolation and lower socioeconomic status, the negative consequences of being bullied can last well into middle age a large study suggests. X

Some Links
Here’s Richard McKenzie explaining, in Investor’s Business Daily, that the minimum-wage’s ill-consequences for low-skilled workers are not limited to these workers’  greater difficulty at finding employment.  (HT Mark Perry X

Pipeline Put Off, As Keystone Review Is Indefinitely Extended
It looks as though the "comment period" for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project will be extended, delaying a decision past the November elections. X

One Scientist's Quest To Vanquish Epileptic Seizures
Ivan Soltesz studies epilepsy in mice, but says children with chronic seizures are his inspiration. He's closing in on a way to quell the seizures with light — and without drugs' side effects. X

Spike activity 18-04-2014
Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Wired has a fascinating interview with psychopath researcher Kent Kiehl. He of the mobile brain scanner. Scanning brain energy could help predict who will wake from vegetative state. Interesting X

So This Is How They Do It! Zebras Getting Stripes
The pink on a flamingo? Stripes on a zebra? Spots on a giraffe? All explained. Simply. Elegantly. Oddly. X

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