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Collecta Ichthyovenator Dinosaur Model Reviewed
A Review of the Collecta Ichthyovenator Dinosaur Model Over the last decade or so, palaeontologists have begun to realise that the Spinosaurs were a very geographically widespread group of Theropod dinosaurs.  Fossils have been found in South Americ X

Biofuel Made From Corn Waste Less 'Green' Than Gasoline
Biofuel created from corn waste may not be the clean, eco-friendly oil alternative the United States government is hoping for. A new study has found that fuel generated from harvested corn leftovers creates more greenhouse gases than conventional gas X

Cornell's chemically engineered cars win again
Cornell engineering students won the Northeast Regional Chem-E-Car competition with model cars controlled entirely by chemical reactions. X

New alfalfa variety resists ravenous local pest
Cornell plant breeders have released a new alfalfa variety with some resistance against alfalfa snout beetle, which has ravaged alfalfa fields in New York. X

'Minecraft' Helps Residents Remake Developing Cities
For the most part, video games are simply another form of entertainment like movies, television and books; rarely will a video game serve a purpose other than to provide a leisurely pastime. But Minecraft is breaking that mold. The critically acclaim X

Aim to Keep “Dakota” in North Dakota
Hugely Important Duck-Billed Dinosaur Fossil Plans to Keep it in North Dakota The permanent home for one of the most important dinosaur discoveries made in the last fifty years or so is under discussion in the United States.  The fossil, representin X

Treasured Cookware + Recipe Tribute to My Mom
My mom was a saint. This is not something any of us say while growing up, but when we have kids of our own, the realization  often hits.  My sentiments for sure. As a young child, my two favorite activites … X

Frogs Survive Subzero Temperatures by Living as Ice Cubes
No matter how rough a winter you think you had, it was nothing compared to what a wood frog survives every year. Some of these little amphibians are still waiting for spring, when they'll thaw out and turn from frog-shaped blocks of ice back into ani X

Evidence Of Racial, Gender Biases Found In Faculty Mentoring
Research found faculty in academic departments linked to more lucrative professions are more likely to discriminate against women and minorities than faculty in fields linked to less lucrative jobs. X

Forget Icarus, Fly As Close To The Sun As You Want!
Then he caught sight of the feathers on the waves, and cursed his inventions. He laid the body to rest, in a tomb, and the island was named Icaria after his buried child. —Metamorphoses Book VIII In a mythology beset by monsters created by malice ( X

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